The Benefits of Cremation vs. Burial Services


Cremation vs. Burial

One of the first decisions to be made when planning a funeral service is cremation vs. burial. For most families, the answer to this question depends on a variety of things. Families typically want to know the benefits of cremation vs. burial, why people choose cremation over burial, and vice versa.

At Scarr Funeral Home we are here to help you in your decision process by exploring the benefits of cremation vs. burial and the different types of funeral services that each option offers.

Why Choose Burial Services

There are many reasons that a family would choose burial services. For example, if the family has traditionally chosen burial services in previous generations, they may again decide to choose earth burial, simply because the family own plots together in a local cemetery. And sometimes, one or more of the family members may not like the idea of cremation services and choose burial instead.
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When a family chooses burial service, there are many funeral service options available to them. The funeral service could include, but is not limited to: visitation or wake service(s), a traditional funeral service or a celebration of life service. Families have the option to have an open or closed casket ceremony, or can choose to have the casket not be present at all. For those seeking a simple service, an immediate burial or private service are also options. Learn more about our burial services.

Why Choose Cremation Services

Cremation, as you may well know, is the accelerated reduction of the remains to ash, traditionally through the process of heat and fire. As reported by the National Association of Funeral Directors, many more families are choosing cremation than ever before. But, why choose cremation? Although each family’s reasoning is unique, there are some common themes: affordability and simplicity.

For families that have chosen cremation there are still many cremation funeral service options available, ranging from traditional to very simple. A traditional funeral service can still be held when cremation is chosen – the cremation either happens after the service, or the service is completed with an urn displayed where a casket traditionally would. Many who choose cremation are opting for a simple memorial service, or an even-simpler direct cremation. If you’re considering cremation, we suggest you take the time to read more about choosing cremation services.

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We encourage all families to carefully consider whichever option suits them best at the time of need. Should you have any questions, we invite you to call or email us. We will be pleased to share our knowledge and expertise with you.
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