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Funeral planning can seem like a daunting task. But taking the time to complete funeral pre-planning has many benefits. Thinking about funeral planning allows you to make decisions about the way that you want to be remembered. It also saves your family the emotional hardship of having to make funeral arrangements after your passing, when they are also dealing with grief and emotions.
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This funeral checklist has been prepared to help you make sure every detail of your funeral planning is handled properly. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and depending on the type of funeral you plan, some may not be applicable to you. But it will get you thinking about the details important to funeral planning.
  • Prepare a list of people who should be contacted in case of a medical emergency or death
  • Write an obituary or write down information needed for an obituary
  • Decide where the obituary should appear
  • Choose the type of disposition you would like (burial or cremation)
Choose Your Details:
  • Determine your final resting place, whether it be a cemetery plot, columbarium niche, or if you’d like your ashes scattered in a particular location
  • Choose the type of casket or urn
  • Determine if the cemetery requires a vault or sectional crypt
  • Choose your preferred type of funeral service. Options include, but are not limited to: religious, military, traditional, celebration of Life, and memorial service
  • Make a list of people to be pallbearers
  • Choose the musical selections
  • Make note of the flowers you’d like, including types and color-schemes
  • Choose readings for the service and who will read them
  • Determine the charity, church, or organization you would like donations to be made to
  • Choose a location for the visitation(s), funeral service and reception

Now that you've figured out the details, it's time to make sure they're carried out. Take the time to assign responsibility for each task on your list.

But honestly there’s an easier way. Use our online funeral pre-planning tool to quickly and easily pre-plan your funeral. It’s just three easy steps – and you can revisit it at any time to revise your plan, because you’ll create an account with a log-in name and password. All the information you provide will be held in strict confidence, because your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.

If you have any questions about funeral pre-planning, or if you need help getting started with the funeral planning process, we invite you to contact our funeral home at any time. We’ll help you take care of all the details – and there’s absolutely no cost or obligation for this service. Our doors are always open to help you with any funeral service needs.
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