Memorial Services

Memorial Services

flower memorial service Scarr Funeral Home

What is a Memorial Service?

A memorial service is an alternative to the traditional funeral service. Often it contains many of the same components of a traditional funeral – prayers, eulogy, and the signing of hymns. However, they have much more flexibility then traditional funerals. A memorial service can be held weeks or even months after a loved one has passed. They can take place wherever the family wants – a church, community hall, a park, a beach, etc. Often families choose a location that is important or special to their loved one. The casket is not present at memorial services, however the urn with the cremated remains may be on display. Memorial services can be further personalized and are considered celebrations of life when all traditional structure is abandoned. 

Why Choose Memorial Services?

Today, many families want to take a different path when trying to honor and pay tribute to the lives of their loved ones. Memorial services are definitely more personalized than traditional funerals. The flexibility of memorial services allows families to better tell the life story of their loved one. This can create a ceremony that showcases memories shared with the deceased and often times they can be more uplifting and positive. Some families believe this uplifting atmosphere helps them in their grieving process, and in some circumstances the deceased wanted their end-of-life ceremony to be one of celebration.

Memorial Service Ideas

If you are struggling to come up with memorial service ideas, consider the following questions:

- singer guitar memorial service Scarr Funeral HomeWhat were your loved ones passionate about? What were their hobbies? What did they enjoy doing?

- What did your loved ones value the most? What were their main principles?

- How would you describe their personalities?

- What did they do for a living? Did their professions shape their life in any manner?

- Were they spiritual?

- Were they proud of their cultural or ethnic heritage?
singer guitar memorial service Scarr Funeral Home
Memorial services truly serve their purpose when guests are immersed in the personality, passions, and life story of the deceased. For example, the songs might be of particular importance if the deceased was a music lover. If the deceased loved country music, their favorite country songs could be sung. For a teacher, perhaps students could share some fond classroom memories or talk about the importance of their mentorship. The service does not need be completely personalized. Even just adding little unique touches help create a special ceremony. 
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