Our Burial Services

Our Burial Services

crypt mausoleum burial services sloatsburg
For thousands of years, burial has been a traditional means of caring for the physical remains of a loved one. Historical precedence is one thing, but for you, burial may simply be the tradition of your family. When burial is chosen, your loved one may be:

- Interred in the ground in a regulated cemetery, or if local legislation allows, on private property

- Entombed in a crypt within a mausoleum

- Buried at sea
Scarr Funeral Home has the upmost respect for the practice of burial services. We offer a number of affordable burial service options for families in Suffern, Sloatsburg, Spring Valley, and other surrounding towns:

Direct Burial: A very simple option that does not involve a funeral service. Only one member will oversee and manage the interment.

Simple graveside services led by a minister or celebrant

A traditional funeral service which is then followed by the burial ceremony

The service offerings above can be tailored to fit the needs and expectations for each family. Scarr is flexible and will make sure you get the services you desire. If you are interested in diving into the details of what you are looking for, give us a call today at 845-357-1137. 

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